Police search for clues in triple shooting where baby was hidden under bed


Two people were found shot to death in an apartment on Greens Parkway and a third person was wounded. Police scoured the small apartment where they say a gruesome crime was committed.

Two people are dead and another remains in critical condition, and a baby girl was hidden under the bed the whole time.

Neighbor Deondre Scales said, "My only thought was at least they had the time to hide the baby while all this was going on."

A co-worker stopped by Wednesday evening, concerned when the man who lives there didn't show up for work. As he approached the apartment, police say he heard a baby crying and saw blood on the wall.

Lt. John Zitzmann with HPD Homicide said, "They found a deceased male lying on the floor, a deceased female lying on the bed, and a critically injured male lying in the corner of the bedroom. It appears all of them were shot in the head."

A five-month-old baby girl was under the bed at the time. Police believe she was intentionally placed there.

She was unhurt in the shooting and is now with family members. Neighbors watched her being taken out of the home, crying and covered in someone's blood.

"They took off the clothes because the baby was covered in blood," said neighbor Rayvon Crihiton.

"The diaper was all messed up," Scales said. "They said it had been crying all day."

Police say they have no suspects or motives. There are no signs of forced entry and neighbors say they didn't hear anything. Anyone with any information is asked to call police.

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