Consignment shop offers personal stylist service


This is all about you and the consignment shop making a deal. They want your clothes. You want to make money and get help in your closet. So they've married the two ideas, and it could be a money maker.

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel -- it's all upscale items sold at a fraction of the retail price at Brooke's Boutique Consignment Shop in Pearland.

"We look for name brand, designer items no more than two years old when they were new in the stores," owner Cecile Reynolds said.

Reynolds is particular about her items. Items must be like new and lightly worn. It's something her customers appreciate.

"The prices are right, and you can get really good bargains," shopper Lynne Kaczmerek said.

And consignors love getting paid in cash.

"Our ladies are very busy but they have a lot of great things in their closet," Reynolds said.

Now Brooke's Boutique is offering additional services. First, the closet clean out.

"For $50 we'll go to your home, we will go through your items that you have pre-selected for us and we'll tell if you it's: A) one that you should keep because it is still good with what you have in your activities; B) Consign it with us and make great money back; or decide that you want to donate them and let someone get use because it's not an item that is great for consignment," Reynolds said.

The store will then transport all your consignment and donation items back to the shop.

"And for the minimal cost of $50, you easily make the money back just for consigning a couple of items," Reynolds said.

So if you need more than just a closet clean out, the VIP stylist service maybe what you need. They will come in here access your closet and show you how to wear your existing clothes.

For $99, stylist Gina Beam will spend an hour and half helping Alina Rogers.

"It's just so hectic, I just always wear workout clothes," Rogers said.

She's a mom-of-two that's stuck in a workout clothes rut. So Beam will go through Rogers' closet piece by piece to help her decide what to sell, what to donate and how to wear what works for her body type.

"We are going to bring in your accessories, place your accessories here so we can match your shirts with all your necklaces," Beam said.

Beam specifically tells Roger how to wear the same top, both for casual wear and the office.

"It's giving me an idea of how to pair certain clothes with my body style," Rogers said.

And Rogers will make extra cash on the items she doesn't want.

The split between the consignor and the shop is 50-50.

The store also buys back high-end designer handbags but those usually sell quickly.

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