Get a Hollywood look for a lot less

February 18, 2013 3:46:30 PM PST
Hollywood celebrates its biggest night at the Oscars. And if you love the looks on the red carpet, there are options to help you get that Hollywood look for a lot less.

Even if you're not slated to hit the red carpet of the Oscars, all of us have big events to attend and we all want to look our best. One style expert says you can look like a celebrity on a budget.

Celebrities sparkle and shine on the red carpet with a flawless finish that some want to achieve.

"I think we can try but we can never attain it because they have so much money and so much accessibility to things that we don't," Deidre Fryfogle said. "But I think there is a lot of stuff out there that we can use to try to make ourselves look pretty."

Style expert Pamela Pekerman agreed. "We look at these celebrities and on the runway and they always look amazing," she said. "Well, now thanks to a new crop of affordable at-home treatments, we can all look fabulous."

Pamela has tried and tested dozens of products. First, a celebrity's best accessory is often a dazzling smile.

"Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston spend hundreds of dollars on bleaching, or over a thousand on laser treatments," Pamela said.

Instead, Pamela recommends you try a product like Crest's 3-D Whitestrips in order to get similar results

"It is a miracle in a box," she said. "They are going to whiten your smile a hundred percent."

When it comes to your face...

"To say that Hollywood is obsessed with Botox is probably an understatement," Pamela said.

Since most of us don't have the money for Botox, Pamela recommends a product called "No Needle Fix" from Nip and Fab.

"The name really says it all," Pamela said. "It's a revolutionary plumping and volumizing serum that fills in your lines. It's less than $20 at Target."

If you can afford a much bigger investment, Pamela likes a product called BMR Face for $395. It's still pricey but ...

"It's similar to what a celebrity would do at a high-end spa," Pamela explained. "It sends out stimulation into the muscles around your face, and rejuvenates you to a youthful look."

When it comes to health, celebrities can afford their own nutritionist for thousands of dollars a year. Instead, Pamela suggests you try Genesis Today acai berry juice for $1.98, sold at Walmart.

"The acai berry is referred as the beauty berry because it provides with great nails, great skin and great hair," Pamela explained.

If you can't afford your own personal trainer, Pamela recommends an app called Fit Orbit. She says it's like having a personal trainer in your back pocket for two bucks.

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