Residents oppose planned low income housing

January 17, 2013 4:33:39 PM PST
Neighbors are speaking out against plans to build new low-income apartment complexes within a few blocks of each other.

The proposal -- if approved -- would create three apartment and townhome complexes along Genoa Red Bluff, right along the border of the Houston and Pasadena city limits. At least one of the properties in question has a Houston address but some Pasadena residents who live just across the street are up in arms.

Residents around here say it's a bad idea and a bad fit for their neighborhood.

"If I had been looking for a new home and there had been low income property across, I wouldn't have chosen this neighborhood," said Pasadena resident Janet McClellan.

It's an empty piece of property at Genoa Red Bluff and Space Center Boulevard that has frustration festering among some Pasadena residents after learning the city of Houston is proposing three low-income housing developments here and at two other vacant properties nearby.

The properties are technically in Houston, but just across the street from these Pasadena neighborhoods

"Eventually it will affect the property value of this subdivision," said Dennis McClellan.

"I would be afraid of crime, more crime," Janet said.

But Houston city councilman Dave Martin, who oversees this area, says the city is doing its homework and working to address all concerns. Martin says each proposed low-income apartment or townhome complex will have anywhere from 96 to 156 units.

"People need to understand that low-income is not necessarily a socio-economic position," Martin explained. "It's also senior housing. It's also housing for the disadvantaged, handicapped folks, so a lot of this goes into the equation."

"Everybody does have to have a place to live, but I just think there are better more appropriate places to build those kinds of homes," Janet McClellan said.

Martin says because of water and sewer issues, the developer, who is out of Florida, may only be interested in building on one of those properties.

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