Waitress helps Crosby man discover serious illness

January 4, 2013 8:25:34 AM PST
A Crosby man who was in serious pain is a lot better because two strangers took the time to check on him.

A waitress' display of concern for a customer helped a local man get treatment for a very serious condition. It all happened because a woman asked the customer if he was OK.

"I thank the good Lord that she got involved, took the extra effort to ask me," said Williams Sparks.

The question Sparks is talking about is, "Are you feeling alright?"

On December 14, Teresa Francis was working at Ricky's Burgers in Crosby and noticed Sparks looked pretty bad.

"She walked back and she asked me, 'Sir, are you feeling alright?' 'No, I feel bad,'" recounted Sparks. "I asked, 'Why do you ask?' She said, 'Your eyes are yellow.'"

The waitress saw some EMTs in the restaurant and asked Karen Elkins to check in on Sparks.

"I told him he really needed to go to the emergency room and we talked about that and worked out for somebody to come and get him and take him up there," said Elkins.

The concern of two strangers prompted Sparks to call a friend to take him to the hospital. Doctors then discovered a serious condition.

"They found out I had gallstones in my bile tube and ... that was what caused me to turn yellow," said Sparks.

Fast forward three weeks and now Sparks says he is feeling a lot better. He went back to Ricky's to personally thank Francis and Elkins.

"I care about him and he came in yesterday and gave me a big old hug," said Francis.

She says she doesn't feel like she did anything out of the ordinary and was glad she could help.

Francis says she's only been working at the restaurant for about six months. She says she didn't even know William Sparks' name until now.

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