Not so fat cat? Tiny Tim has lost weight this year living at Southside Place vet


Tiny Tim is living at the Southside Place Animal Hospital. He was found abandoned around Christmas last year and weighed 35 pounds. Over the past year, vets have had Tiny Tim on a diet. He was doing OK and dropping weight, then he plateaued.

Vets found out he had been raiding dog food at night.

"And as they picked it up, kibbles came falling out of the bottom of the bag. He was very sneaky. He had chewed a hole in the back of a bag of dog food was eating kibble at night. He would leave not a crumb or kibble laying on the floor in the morning," said Dr. Jessica Reyna with Southside Place Animal Hospital.

Tiny Tim is now 28 pounds. Vets hope to get him down to about 14 to 15 pounds.

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