Dead man found in driver's seat of still-running pickup truck


The man was discovered in the 5300 block of Lost Forest near Pinemont and Highway 290. According to investigators at the scene, the victim has a gunshot wound to the back of the head and at this time they are treating this as a homicide.

Neighbors reported seeing the truck parked there at about 2am. They said the truck was running at the time.

But it wasn't until later in the morning, when they approached the vehicle and knocked on the window, did they realize something wasn't right. They also realized the truck was still running at that time.

One of those neighbors then opened the door to find the man dead inside his truck.

Witness Roland Mendiola said, "He told me, hey there is a guy parked out in front, he looks like he is passed out and I said he is probably just drunk."

So far police have not released any information on a motive or any suspect information at this time. But they do tell us the victim appears to be in his 20s and no weapon was found in the vehicle.

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