Texans fans swarm stores to grab up 'AFC South Division Champions' gear


Fans started lining up at an Academy store on Kirby just minutes after the game ended, and the store was ready with a table full of T-shirts reading "AFC South Division Champions."

One woman says she even left her godson's college graduation to make sure she got a shirt.

"My husband is texting me, 'Please go get me a shirt from Academy,'" she said. "So I had to leave the graduation and come and get him a shirt because he is the Texans' number one fan."

The shirts are in gray and white and are available for men, women and children. If you don't want to wait in line, they are also on sale online.

Fans across the area were celebrating the Texans' victory Sunday night. Those we spoke to were dreaming of what the future could have in store, but were also realistic about the challenges that lie ahead for the team.

"Beat the next teams and go to the playoffs," fan Randy Grimaldo said when we asked what is next for the Texans. "We have the division. I'm ready for the Super Bowl."

"A little disappointed our offense scored one touchdown," fan Jimmy Kilduff said. "Special teams scored one then five field goals. That's not championship football but we'll get it together."

And at the Texans Grille, you never know who you might run into. Player Johnathan Joseph was there Sunday night, surrounded by his friends and family post-victory.

"Obviously, I have friends and family in town -- my family and my wife's side," Joseph said. "It's great to have that support from them as well as the fans in the city."

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