Woman posing for photos at constable's office later arrested by same agency


The constable's office is quick to point out that Kristen Lanette Kimmel's online photos and the crime she's accused of committing are two different things, but put together, her story is a bit unusual.

Kimmel isn't the little girl neighbor Malcolm Adams remembers growing up nearby.

"I've heard so many differently stories about her, I just don't really know what to think," he said.

What Montgomery County prosecutors believe is that the 30-year-old allegedly tried to return stolen property for a refund at a Walmart.

But that's not what makes Kimmel's case unusual.

"What was I guess weird about the case, she was taking photographs of herself, or having someone photograph her, here at the constable's office -- in front of the patrol cars and in front of the front doors -- and posting them on a website," Montgomery County Pct. 4 Chief Deputy Barry Welsh said.

While she was under investigation this fall, Kimmel apparently went to the Precinct 4 Constable's Office, posed next to cars and even the front door, then uploaded the photos onto her Facebook page.

The constable's office admit they only noticed the photos recently. Soon after, she was found at a nearby gas station and is currently in jail with no bond.

"I have no idea why she would do something like that," Adams said.

Kimmel was actually arrested on felony charges of bond forfeiture and fraudulent use/possession of identifying information the morning of Thanksgiving Day. She has being held without bond at the Montgomery County Jail ever since.

As for her Facebook page and those pictures, they're still online.

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