Reserve deputies nab 16 suspects in fugitive roundup


The volunteer Harris County reserve deputies got an early start to Saturday morning. They were about to round up wanted individuals throughout the county. Before hitting the streets, they said a prayer.

"Other than that, please be safe. Let's go out and get some bad guys," said Chief Kevin Maples with the Harris Co. Sheriffs Office.

The reserves, known as the Special Operations Division of the Sheriff's Office, were divided into five teams on Saturday morning. Each team had 10 felony warrants for which they were hoping to make arrests.

"Our job is to go look for them. Their job is to go hide from us," said Chief Maples.

A total of 16 warrants were cleared this weekend. The teams went door to door at residences where they believe criminals may be hiding out.

In some instances, they may not find the person they were looking for, but stumble upon others breaking the law.

"When we entered the house, we found a very strong odor of marijuana and we found the marijuana in the house. Two of the persons inside the home admitted to having the marijuana so we will be taking those persons in," said Harris Co. Sheriff's Office Deputy Sunil Patel.

The Special Operations Division conducts about one warrant sweep per month, and they say even with just a few arrests they consider it a successful mission.

On days they are not rounding up criminals, they are working their normal 9-to-5 jobs.

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