Woman shoppers attacked outside Target store in Sugar Land


Surveillance cameras outside the Target caught the attackers before they struck. It's from a distance and a bit grainy, but police think it could hold the key to catching these criminals. Police say the robbers were circling the parking lot, looking for potential victims.

"I think that is terrible," said one victim. "It's a terrible thing to attack an old lady that couldn't defend herself."

We're not showing the victim's face or identifying her because she fears now for her safety. Investigators say the 76-year-old and her adult daughter were leaving the Target and putting items into their vehicle when two women approached and pepper sprayed them.

"I was terrified," she said. "I had a terrible -- I thought I was going to go blind!"

The elderly woman showed us a bruise on her hand from where the attackers threw her to the ground in the parking lot. Police say one hit her in the stomach as they struggled over her purse. They got it -- jumping into a black four door sedan and speeding off.

Sugar Land police spokesperson Doug Adolph said, "Hopefully somebody will recognize these people and provide some information as to who they are."

This woman says she fears now every time she opens the door, every time she leaves the house. She's from Austin, was just visiting family in Sugar Land and wonders now if it's as safe a place as she had believed. She wants those responsible caught.

"Oh, I would like that they caught them and they put them in prison," she said.

Police have limited descriptions of the attackers. One of the women has black, curly shoulder length hair. The two women and the male getaway driver all appeared to be in their late 20s to early 30s. The victim's suffered minor injuries.

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