Woman's call for help ends with her death


It is a case that began with a young woman's call for help to her brother, and ended with her death. Somewhere around 4:30am, two women were arriving at some apartments with two men. One of the women apparently had second thoughts. Police were told she called her brother, who was waiting for the car with a stick in his hand.

Police say the brother told detectives he broke one of the windows in the car in his attempt to free his sister, but it went downhill from there.

"Somewhere during the interchange, a window was knocked out of the back of the car," HPD's Kevin Carr said. "The car took off down the street on Bellerive. Somehow or other, the female fell out of the car. We don't know exactly how that happened yet."

Police say the woman had tire marks on her body. She died at the scene.

The car with three people inside fled, but they called 911 a few minutes later, reporting they had been attacked and chased. It's not known if the car that struck the woman was that one, or another passing car.

Police will be interviewing the brother and the three witnesses.

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