University of Houston students warned of alleged sex assault on campus


There were a lot of people walking around campus and having fun Saturday night, but students just received a security alert from the university, warning of yet another safety concern just after the campus increased security.

The university's department of public safety says the alert was spurred by an investigation into an alleged sexual assault near Moody Towers.

You now need a school ID card to access campus dorms, and every room now has an automatic lock. The university ramped up security after three violent robberies rocked campus earlier this semester.

"Anything can happen here because you live on campus," UH student Puja Agarwal said. "There are really no parents to take care of you. It's just all you, yourself and your friends."

With the new alert, students are now wondering if the extra security is helping.

Police say they don't have a lot of information, but they believe a female student was assaulted on October 16 near Moody Towers, which is the biggest dorm on campus.

What's unusual is that the alleged victim hasn't come forward. Police learned about the alleged assault in an anonymous letter sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

Campus officials sent us a statement that reads in part: "A suspect has been barred from campus, pending further investigation by police. Because of the sensitive nature of the allegation, no other details will be made available."

Many students tell us they worry about walking around campus alone now, especially in the dark.

"I carry pepper spray with me wherever I go. I have it in my hand, especially at night," Callie Parrish said.

"Usually with girls we know, we don't let them walk alone at night," Ken Igbinoff said.

A university spokesperson is asking students to go to police with any information they may have that could help their investigation. Again, the alleged victim has not talked to police, so they're having trouble finding out exactly what happened.

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