Pilot shares survival video taken in Gulf of Mexico after plane crash


The video is only 1 minute 22 seconds long, but it shows pilot T.R. Wright and his friend floating about 30 miles off the coast of Louisiana after their plane went down.

"We are hour one. We just had a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico," Wright said in the video. "We seem to be OK without injuries."

Wright and his friend were flying from Baytown to Sarasota, Florida, when their Beechcraft Baron caught fire. Then, the unthinkable happened. They were going down into the middle of the gulf.

Wright tells us he had just a few seconds to grab floatation devices and survival necessities.

"I believe we have been in the water for one hour now," he said on the recording. "No sign of the Coast Guard or any emergency rescue yet."

After three hours waiting for someone to find them, they were spotted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Since surviving, Wright has shared the video which captured those moments.

He tells us he never thought it would be so interesting to see. He just did it to pass time.

"I just opened the video and started making a video," he said. "Never thought anything of it."

Wright is sharing his love for flying through an organization and charity he founded called Around the World for Life.

The organization is aimed at getting kids interested in flying and improving the quality of life for children with cancer and other life-altering diseases. Wright is also planning a literal trip around the world -- a campaign that's raising money to coordinate 40 events around the country to take children with cancer and other illnesses on "discovery flights." The crash was a setback, but he still plans to make that flight.

Saturday afternoon, the organization held an event in Baytown that gave kids a lesson in flying. The youngsters even got take ride in the friendly skies.

For some of the kids, this was their first time in a small plane.

"I wanted to be able to experience what is like to be on an airplane," student Abby Harrison said.

"The ground is boring," another student, Jared Paterson, told us. "I like the air."

Around the World for Life also received a $25,000 donation Saturday from Lifeproof, the company behind the iPad case that protected his device from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico when his plane crashed.

If you're interested in contributing to Wright's campaign, visit shop.aroundtheworldforlife.org to donate between one and 100 miles.

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