Thieves target jewelry store in The Woodlands


The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says the burglary happened right before midnight at the Thomas Markle Jewelers in the 9500 block of Six Pines. Detective released video of it in hopes someone will recognize the man caught on the recording.

In the video, you can see the man walk up to the front door and throw something at the window, breaking it. Then inside, he breaks a display case and grabs the contents, before running in the back and making off with more stuff. He also steals items out of other display cases before leaving.

We're told that he ended up with lower-end custom jewelry and that a lot of the damage cost is from the broken window and display cases. It totals in the thousands of dollars.

Montgomery County sheriff's deputies arrived after the burglar set off the alarm.

The burglary at Thomas Markle comes just two weeks after an October 10 robbery at a Tiffany & Co. jewelry store in the same shopping center, Market Square. Authorities told us a man with a shoulder bag walked into that store, looked at rings and then suddenly pulled out an assault rifle. The suspect then grabbed jewelry, pepper-sprayed both customers and employees then ran off.

There's been an arrest in the Tiffany's robbery. However, there is no word from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office if they think that suspect is connected to the Markle robbery.

Both of these high-end stores are fairly new. Thomas Markle opened its doors in The Woodlands three years ago, while the Tiffany's opened just two years ago.

But if you recognize the man in the video or know anything about either crime, call the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 800-392-STOP(7867).

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