Three Univ. of Houston officers fired over investigation


There's no word if the three men will face any charges, but the University of Houston announced their dismissal from the campus police force.

The incident happened on September 27. That's when two mini-appliances fell off the back of a delivery truck on campus and disappeared, according to a statement from the University of Houston.

The University of Houston police chief says three veteran patrol officers failed a "test of integrity" in that investigation. All three officers were fired. But students we talked to aren't sure swift action was warranted.

"Because of all the crime that's been going on around campus, so, you know, it's probably not a good idea … to fire them," said student Claudia Sada.

In recent weeks, security around campus has been beefed up in response to a string of robberies on campus. Three people have been charged in connection with those crimes. And on Monday, two people were arrested in connection with another, unrelated robbery at a convenience store near Calhoun Lofts.

There's no word whether the Harris County District Attorney's office will bring charges against the three former officers. But some students say the decision to fire them should have hinged on the legal system.

"Maybe put on administrative leave or something like that but not to just be fired, with no conviction or anything," student Michael Obanion said.

The University of Houston had no comment outside of its public statement. The officers have not been identified.

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