Three UH students robbed in one week


The university is now putting together a task force to deal with these robberies. The UH police chief has promoted 10 people within the department and on Monday, he will be posting a position for a crime prevention officer.

In the meantime, many students are very scared. They're walking in groups. We talked to one girl who has started carrying mace.

The latest incident happened at an off-campus parking lot Thursday night. Police say a student was walking to his car when a man approached him with a gun. According to police, the student told the man he didn't have any money and then tried to get the gun from the suspect.

Police say the suspect responded by hitting the student in the jaw, getting into his car, and driving off.

Two other armed robberies were reported on campus on Sunday and Wednesday. They both happened in broad daylight. Nobody was hurt, but police say the suspects got away with money both times.

Many students wonder if extra security will even help keep them safe.

"I don't think they can be everywhere at once. I think they're doing a pretty good job right now, but it's just scary that people are robbing people in broad daylight. It's kind of a bad neighborhood surrounding the school, so I don't really feel safe on campus," said student Christine Lado.

"These guys aren't just waiting, like oh there's a cop there we can still do it. They wait until they're gone. So you can hire as many as you want, but I think it can still happen," student Ryan Techmanski said.

Right now, authorities don't believe the three crimes are connected.

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