Teacher accused of improper relationship with student


The teacher is only charged with inappropriate conduct with one student, but investigators say he may have had relationships with two other students as well.

No one answered the door at the home of teacher Jeffery Guzman, charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Guzman, 32, taught economics at Elsik High School. This school year would have been his ninth year on the job, until the school district police got a tip in early May.

Alief ISD spokesperson Susan Castro said, "They did a very extensive investigation, and they worked very closely with the DA's office and that resulted in the charges filed on Friday."

According to court records, Guzman is accused of sending sexually charged text messages to a female student early this spring. At the beginning of May, court records show Guzman allegedly picked up the senior at her apartment and drove to a nearby business parking lot where he allegedly had sexual contact with the student.

"A lot of people are shocked and saddened," Castro said. "We always talk about being a family here in our school district. When something like this happened, it's sad for all of us. It affects all of us."

The school district immediately put Guzman on administrative leave, and now that charges have been filed, they have fired him. Investigators believe Guzman had sexual contact with at least other two former students. Current students we talked to say they can't believe it.

"That's sick," said Elsik High School senior Jasper Estes. "I don't know what to say about that."

The student district discussed the situation with teachers on their first day back to work and an automated message was sent to parents.

Guzman's first court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.

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