Teen killer to go to prison for 60 years


This morning, the punishment phase of his trial began. It took this jury just a half a day of deliberating to find 19-year-old Alexander Olivieri guilty of murder yesterday. Their determination that he should spend 60 years behind bars was quick as well.

During the punishment phase this morning, the jury watched a home video of the defendant, Olivieri, a year before the murder, practicing his shooting at a gun range.

In April 2011, Olivieri took 17-year-old Bridgette Frisbie into the woods and shot her to death with a handgun. Prosecutors say his motive was to silence Frisbie, because she knew about a drive-by shooting in which Olivieri was involved, and he was afraid she would talk.

The teen who witnessed Frisbie's murder, Alan Perez, was with the defendant on the day of the murder, and testified against his former friend in exchange for immunity. He watched Olivieri shoot Frisbie,and today described him as unrepentent, saying there were no signs of remorse.

Then the victim's father took the stand, telling the jury how his daughter's death has affected him.

"After her death I tried going back to work -- it took two months. I would have days that I would start crying at my desk and I would have to leave," said Robert Frisbie.

Frisbie's father has described this defendant as a serial killer in the making. He said he is grateful to this jury for the guilty verdict and was hoping the jury would have given the defendant life in prison.

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