See what health inspectors found at Houston area restaurants


Thanks to our interactive maps, it is easier than ever to find out if your favorite place is infested with roaches or had to throw away food that was not fit for human consumption.

Marvin Zindler pioneered the art of restaurant reporting. And while Marvin is gone, he left a legacy when it comes to clean restaurant kitchens. Years later, city inspectors are still hard at work making sure your favorite restaurant is keeping it clean.

Take inspector Andy Bowden, who wants you to know if he finds clean kitchens or ones in need of help.

"We have so many restaurants in the city of Houston to choose from, I think it is a point for the consumer to know where they are eating," he said.

Finding out if where you eat is clean is now easier than ever with's restaurant tracker. The online tool shows every Houston eatery that needs improvement. Searching the site, you will find more than 100 problem locations listed every week.

Using our exclusive interactive map, you can search by your zip code to see the places near you, or by restaurant name.

So what are inspectors finding?

Roach infestations, off-temperature food that has to be thrown away and, of course, colored slime in the ice machine.

"Usually if there is a color, then there is a high level of bacteria growth in the ice machine," said Bowden.

Inspectors found no such problems at the Ragin Cajun in the downtown tunnels, and now you can find out if your favorite restaurant passes as well.

Start searching now!

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