Good Samaritan saves woman in flooded SUV


It is a flooded underpass just east of downtown. What can't be seen beneath more than eight feet of water is the SUV that a postal worker was driving on her way to work.

"I just went down and didn't see the water too deep right there and you can see the water go up here and I tried to get out and someone helped me out," said Pfuong Le.

That someone was Jimmy Rochester, who saw Le drive past the repair shop where he works, and around the orange cones he'd set out as a warning.

"She was kind of moving around a little bit and wasn't trying to get out and the vehicle was tipping back and forth so she was floating there basically," said Rochester.

Le and her husband returned to document the disaster on their iPad, and witness the recovery of what had been her Lexus SUV. It emerged from a watery grave intact, but full of water. When the wrecker driver lifted the hood...

"It was completely underwater and it was running when it went under water, so it's gone," said Hook, the wrecker driver.

The car is gone and the driver alive and uninjured. But as the days of rain and flooding continue, it's a warning lesson for anyone who sees standing water in an underpass. Pfuong Le was taught the hard way.

"Learned my lesson now," she said.

A new warning sign was placed at the location to warn drivers of the high water.

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