Torrential rains flood out some cars in Cypress area


It was getting easier to get in, out and around the Cypresswood Trails subdivision by the mid-afternoon. But folks there woke up to high water that didn't recede for hours.

This is where Sarah Merrill's car ended up today. But it doesn't tell the story really of what happened Thursday morning.

"It's pretty scary, especially when water started coming in the car," she said.

She was not going to let a little rain keep her from getting out of her neighborhood and to a job interview. So she packed her kids in the car and hit the road, even though it was flooded.

"I didn't want to be like, 'Oh, the weather was so bad, I couldn't make the interview,'" Merrill said.

Her desire for the job was greater than her fears. Of course, the water here was just too high, as many in this neighborhood also discovered.

"Look at that car down there. It's up to the doors!" one resident named Jesse told us.

Merrill's car flooded. A good Samaritan helped her get her kids out and finally to the babysitter.

The best way to get around those streets Thursday was by boat.

"It never happens this bad over here," resident Manuel Carrizales said.

In the neighborhood, the water rode half way up to a mailbox. And at one point, there was so much water coming into the neighborhood, it was flowing out the storm drains instead of in.

The water appeared to be receding by the mid-afternoon. But that wasn't fast enough for one mother looking for a job who may have lost her car in the process.

"It's been a bad day," Merrill said.

We have not heard of water getting into any homes here. That's the good news. Unfortunately, some did have water damage to their vehicles.

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