Toddlers found wandering alone in SE Houston


They were discovered by some passers-by Wednesday afternoon in Schnur Park on East Orem and Cullen.

Houston police say around 4pm, an adult found the two boys, ages three and four, wandering around by themselves. That adult stayed with the kids until police arrived with car seats, picked them up and dropped them off at the Children's Protective Services office on Chimney Rock.

Relatives say a family friend had agreed to take them to a park, but when they did not return a couple of hours later, they grew very worried.

"It was just a simple mistake. The man takes him to the park all the time but he drank too much beer. He didn't mean no harm but they should watch their kids more. The kids just wanted to to go to the park, that's all," their grandmother Patricia Jones said.

Those two children were still inside a CPS office late Wednesday working with case workers and their families.

CPS says it won't take custody of the children, who are from two different families. The agency says it is still working on sorting out the situation.

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