Residents worried after rash of crimes in one NW Harris County neighborhood


Residents of the neighborhood at Castolan near Veterans Memorial tell us there have been a series of burglaries in the area recently. We wanted to know just how big of a problem they're dealing with, so we put our exclusive Crime Tracker to work.

We checked sheriff's department records and it appears deputies have been very busy checking up on burglaries and other crimes in this area lately.

Neighbors near the 1100 block of Castolan are still buzzing about the suspected burglar shot and killed on their street by three deputies early Tuesday morning.

"Well, the burglary didn't surprise me, but the shooting kind of did. I was kind of upset that they killed him," said neighbor Blanche Vega.

Investigators say neighbors here called 911 about a suspected car thief. They say deputies caught the armed suspect in action and ordered him several times to drop his gun. Investigators say the man pointed his weapon at the deputies, so they fired their weapons fearing for their life.

"Did they have to shoot him? That was my first impression. Did they really have to shoot him like that?" asked neighbor Jacquelin Neal.

This incident now has some concerned neighbors like Neal and Vega wondering what other crimes are hitting this area.

"I've seen cops going through the area quite a bit often in the past month, but I didn't know of anything like break-ins or anything," Neal said.

Our Eyewitness News exclusive Crime Tracker shows Harris Co. Sheriff's Office deputies have been very busy in the Fallbrook community, responding to at least nine property crimes, eight car thefts, four vehicle break-ins, and as many home burglaries in the last four weeks alone.

"They are a lot higher than I thought, because I hadn't heard anything," Vega said.

As detectives continue investigating the officer-involved shooting, a few neighbors on Castolan tell us they plan to be extra vigilant.

"I kind of watch out for my neighbors, they watch out for me," said Neal.

Investigators have not yet released the name of the suspect.

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