Residents fed up with dumping ground in north Harris County neighborhood


The problem has been going on for the better part of a year on a two acre tract of land that is for sale. The problem isn't the land, but what's on it.

"It's just terrible and there's no telling what you can find in here," one neighbor said.

From discarded underwear to rotten lumber and piles of trash, the pile up began last year when the property owner says he put some dumpsters for sale on the site. The dumpsters are gone, but the dumping continues.

"That stuff is brand new over there, brand new. They clean these people's homes and pick the stuff out they want and come over here, dump it," neighbor David Bunch. "It's a shame."

It is not an eyesore on a secluded piece of land. Rather, it is on Kuykendahl Road and adjoins a new subdivision. Every time neighbors leave or return home, they pass right by.

Neighbor Andre Walker said, "Now we all live in this neighborhood and I know I don't want to live in this. This is filth. This is nasty."

The property is located in Harris County Precinct 1. A representative from Commissioner El Franco Lee's office said Thursday the health department has been informed of code violations.

The owner of the property contacted Eyewitness News, saying he has already spent $8,000 removing trash that was illegally dumped. Another $10,000 will be spent cleaning it up, he says, in a week.

People in the area are used to holding their breath because of the smell. They will believe in the clean up promise, they say, when they see it.

If the mess is not cleaned up in a week, the property owner could start facing fines.

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