Woman who died years ago remains mystery


On March 19, Pearland police recovered skeletal remains from a property located in the 4600 block of Dixie Farm Road. At that time, the remains were collected and sent to first the Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office and later to Sam Houston State University for further examination.

DNA was recovered from the remains and sent off to the University of North Texas to determine if the remains could be matched to a missing person. The results of testing did not match any known individuals. The department is now asking for the public's help in identifying the remains.

The individual is believed to be a black female between the ages of 40 and 50. She would have stood between 4 feet, 10 inches and 5 feet, 4 inches. The forensic anthropologist estimated that the victim died between one and three years ago. At the time of her death the victim was wearing a blue shirt, Old Navy flare jeans and white size 6 Reebok tennis shoes.

"This was someone's daughter, someone's friend," said PPD Lt. Onesimo Lopez. "Someone is missing her."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Steve Weaver at 281-997-4154.

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