Get Hollywood hair with budget-friendly wigs


But we are letting you in on a secret -- how to get the same look and save big bucks.

And if you're thinking, "I'd never wear a wig," think again. Wigs are in and they are more popular than ever.

While stars are paying thousands of dollars, we hit Houston's Harwin Street and found real hair wigs for a fraction of the price.

"Women are wanting hair. God didn't give it to you, you can buy it!" high-end stylist Carlos Franco said.

There's wild and wacky, like rapper Nicki Minaj, or long and luxurious.

"Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, pretty much their wigs can run up to about $8,000, $10,000. I heard that Beyonce probably paid about $30,000 for some great hair," Franco said.

But Franco says you don't have to pay that kind of cash to get that Hollywood look. And yes, anyone can do it.

"Black women to Latin women to Caucasian women," he said. "You can get wigs that have a little bit of coloring; some of them have slight highlighting."

We hit Harwin Street and discovered a secret of the stylists -- real hair wigs at a fraction of the cost.

"You will probably pay about $40, $50," Franco said.

"There's a lot of high-end stylist that are buying hair here," said Lawanda Proctor with Harwin International.

Prices vary based on the hair quality, and length. There are even wigs with lace netting in the front, so it appears the hair is actually growing from your scalp.

But Franco says there are tips for picking the perfect wig.

"Synthetic, you can see it doesn't look like human hair," he said.

First, go for real hair versus synthetic.

"If you want to look more expensive, more chic, couture, by all means go for that human hair wig that looks like real hair. It's able to be moved and everything," he said.

Next, he says pick a color right for you.

"You don't want it to be jet black or too, too blonde, so go with something that goes with your own natural color," Franco said.

Another tip, Franco says to buy it longer, so you can have it cut and styled.

"We always tell our clients to get it a little bit longer so if it needs to be framed out, we're going to frame it out toward you," he said.

Finally, have no fear! Don't be afraid to try several styles.

Bottom line, though, whether it's for a party or a special event, even during the day, wigs are back big time and they can be affordable.

If the label says "100 percent premium fiber" that means it's fake. And if it's real, it'll say "real hair."

Here are some of the stores we found with great prices for wigs:

Harwin Places:

Harwin International, INC. 7501 Harwin Dr. STE #106 E Houston, TX 77036

Kim Beauty Supply 7501 HARWIN DR, STE 105 HOUSTON, TX 77036-1921

New Age Hair 6666 Harwin Dr, Ste 200 Houston, TX 77036

Fondren Places: Solid Gold 11380 Fondren Road Houston, TX 77035

Modern City 11104 Fondren Rd Houston, TX 77096

Bissonnet Places:

Tiffany's Lace Front Wigs 9685 Bissonnet St Houston TX 77036

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