Judge defends self against flyer in re-election race


Civil Judge Steven Kirkland is running for re-election. His opponent recently sent a mailer to Democrat primary voters that includes details of Kirkland's two drunk driving arrests next to a picture of Kirkland holding a wine glass. The photo is dated last month.

The flyer "does not" point out the drunk driving arrests are from when the judge was 23 years old in the early 80's, nor does it show Kirkland pouring spring water in to his glass. Kirkland, who's been sober for 27 years, calls it offensive.

"They threw it out there, they don't want to own it, don't want to explain it. They deliberately lied and they're trying to get away with it," Kirkland said.

Kirkland's opponent, Elaine Palmer, wouldn't speak to us Thursday. Her spokesman told us, "It's not our responsibility to explain the mailer," and added, "We don't think it's misleading."

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