Neighbors rescue woman stuck on balcony of burning apartments


Neighbors say they saw the smoke and flames first, and then heard the woman screaming for help. As the flames grew, so did the urgency in the efforts to get the woman to safety.

The morning after the blaze at Canfield Lakes apartments, for the first time, people could see what they've lost.

"It spread so fast I couldn't save anything," one resident said.

But nobody here expected to feel gratitude.

"I don't know who they are but I want to say thank you, truly," another victim said. "You saved us. People like you, we need more of. Honestly, God bless you."

As flames ripped through these apartments, most people were sleeping. But three neighbors jumped into action. They saw a woman trapped on her balcony, screaming for help. They didn't hesitate.

"He climbed the balcony and he handed her down to me and we both grabbed her," recalled a hero.

The woman is fine now. And as everybody else begins to replace their clothes, food, and belongings, they're left with one feeling.

A fire victim said, "Shows that people here care and they look out for you."

"Somebody cares. I'm thankful, very thankful," another victim added.

According to firefighters, the building suffered nearly half a million dollars in damage. The cause is still under investigation.

The apartment management, however, believes the blaze was caused by a grease fire. They are now working to relocate the displaced residents.

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