'Shark boy' catches huge stingray near Galveston


Hunter Stevens, 10, and his dad were fishing near Galveston yesterday when something bit and nearly pulled Hunter out of the kayak. He wasn't sure what he was reeling in, but realized it was a huge stingray.

Hunter was excited until he got a better look at his catch and realized it was wounded.

"Oh my gosh, daddy. His barb, it's cut off," Hunter recalls telling his father. "His tail is cut off. Someone got him. Someone got him before us. This is what I mean about this, mean people."

Hunter kissed the stingray before he and his dad set it free.

Hunter is a pro at making big catches. He earned the nickname "Shark Boy" since he has caught two sharks.

Last month, Hunter and his dad spent more than an hour reeling in a five-foot black tip shark. You might remember the footage Hunter shot last August of his dad hooking a seven-foot black tip. It took them over an hour to reel that one in.

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