Suspects sought in series of armed robberies at Cricket stores


There have been at least a dozen robberies in just the past three months. One of the latest stores to be hit was at FM 1960 and Aldine Westfield.

Humble police tell us there have been at least 15 armed robberies of Cricket stores in the area in about a month and a half, some of them violent. Inside this store, surveillance cameras were rolling with the volume up as one employee quickly realized the men she thought were customers actually were armed robbers.

It started off as a slow day at work. With no customers and all alone inside the Cricket store, the employee is heard happily singing. She stops when she notices what she thinks were customers heading into the cell phone store.

Constantly looking around then reaching for his shoe laces, the suspect continues to stall. The surveillance video clearly shows him raising his sweatshirt and pulling out a gun. The suspect then walks around the counter.

Scared, the employee refuses to open the register, even arguing with both suspects, one of them heard in the background saying, "Open the register, you open it, you open it. You better open that register."

Grabbing a handful of cash the suspect walks away, but before leaving he warns her to keep quiet, "You better keep your mouth closed, too."

Humble police believe these three people -- two males and a female -- as well as a fourth suspect are behind this robbery and more than a dozen others, including one where a Cricket employee was assaulted.

People in the area say they hope the suspects are caught before they strike again.

"You are terrorizing this young lady for the rest of her life, you figure 15, 20 minutes of terror, it's going to last for the rest of her life," said resident Calvin Davis.

We're told that employee quit after the robbery at this cell phone store.

Humble police say they have gotten several tips and that the investigation is progressing well.

If you have any information about any of these robberies, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. There is a cash reward.

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