Security system sales call ends with alleged sex assault attempt


Johnny Angel Lara, 23, is charged with attempted sexual assault. According to court documents, Lara went to the victim's home in the 5500 block of Sugar Creek on April 19 at around 6:30pm.

He reportedly appeared to represent a home alarm company and tried sell the victim a security system. The victim says Lara came inside the home to see pre-existing alarm equipment. She then reportedly told him she wasn't interested and asked him to leave.

Police say Lara walked towards the front door, but stood in the way of the door so that the victim couldn't open it. That's when court documents say Lara began telling the victim she had a nice body and began to touch her inappropriately and put his hands inside her clothes.

The victim told investigators that Lara tried to push her up the stairs in the home in order to have sex. She eventually was able to get the front door open, and Lara reportedly left.

Police obtained Lara's name and contact information from a flyer left at a neighbor's home. The victim reportedly identified him from a photo lineup.

Initially Lara told police he couldn't remember being in the neighborhood, much less in the victim's home. As they continued to question him, however, he admitted going inside the victim's home, but denied any physical contact. Bail has been set at $30,000.

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