Rash of burglaries reported in Baytown


Police in Baytown are gathering more and more information on these guys. This is all new to a lot of the residents living in some of the apartment communities because up until a few months ago, it was relatively quiet.

Investigators have descriptions of the burglars. The complexes that have seen the burglaries are on West Baker and on Quail Hollow.

"My neighbors watch out for me, I watch out for my neighbors. I know a lot of people that live here so we watch out for each other," resident Jennifer Martinez said.

Residents of the Cedar Ridge Apartments have been each others' eyes and ears ever since thieves broke into seven units starting about four months ago and stole everything from guns and electronics to jewelry and kitchen appliances. All of them have happened in broad daylight.

"When the homeowners are either at work or out of the house, the doors were either forced in, by kicking or shouldering, or pried open with a tool," Baytown Police Dept. Lt. Eric Freed said.

Apartment managers have repeatedly warned residents to stay vigilant. But it's not just a Cedar Ridge problem. Two neighboring apartment communities have also been targeted numerous times.

Property owners at the Sterling Bay complex were so concerned about crime, they now have two mobile surveillance camera units on the grounds. They're giving some residents peace of mind.

"I live alone and my neighbor upstairs lives by herself and we don't have a lot of protection," resident Nelva Humphries said.

Baytown police tell us they've stepped up patrols. They say the break-in's have been tapering off as they've started to make headway in their investigations.

"I would like to see it stopped because I worry about my stuff, you know?" resident Jerry Coile said.

Police recently arrested two guys at one of the apartment communities and charged them with criminal trespassing after investigators found inconsistencies in their stories. They had a drill, walk talkies and flashlights in their car. At this point police have not been able to tie them to the string of burglaries but the investigation is ongoing.

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