Police: Motorcyclist killed, pickup truck crashes into home


Police say a motorcycle rider ran a red light just before 7am on Cavalcade at Elysian Street in north Houston, and when a truck swerved to miss him, it plowed into a woman's home instead. She is in now in the hospital.

The intersection re-opened at around 11am, but you can still see the gaping hole in the side of this house where the truck smashed into it.

This was quite the chain of events resulting in a truck crashing into the dining room area of a house. Accident investigators on scene told us a man on a motorcycle traveling west on Cavalcade ran a red light, and a woman driving a pickup truck north on Elysian swerved to try to avoid the motorcycle in the intersection, but ended up striking the motorcycle then barreling into the house.

There were two people inside the house at the time -- a 55-year-old woman and her daughter, both of whom were getting ready for work. The mother was pinned between a table and that truck, but remarkably she was able to call her sister.

"She called me about a quarter to seven and said she was pinned under a table and somebody had ran into her house. I told her I was on my way as quick as I could," said Arva Hamilton, the victim's sister.

The man on the motorcycle died instantly. Eyewitnesses we spoke with told us he was not wearing a helmet.

Both women -- the one driving the pickup and the one pinned inside her house -- were taken to area hospitals. They are expected to recover from their injuries.

Police are still investigating.

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