Residents ask City Council for permanent road fix


The intersection at question is off Kirkwood Drive and Pecan Creek in a neighborhood just north of Interstate 10.

Residents went to City Hall on Tuesday to ask City Council for a permanent fix to a problem they they've had for as long as eight years.

Maggie Rance loves everything about her neighborhood, except for the road that leads into it.

"You've lived here 35 years, and how many car wrecks have you seen?" we asked Rance.

"A lot," she said.

Over the past decade, the intersection of Kirkwood Drive at Pecan Creek has been the place for a number of accidents -- most notably cars driving through Kirkwood and plowing into one house.

"Because they're coming down the street too fast, they come here, and they don't see that, and then they just fly that way," Rance said.

Intense lobbying by the homeowners led to temporary barracades a year ago, but neighbors say they are unsightly and don't really solve the problem.

"They don't stop anything but what they have done is basically alerted the drivers who don't know what is going on," homeowner Greg Thibeaux said.

So they are taking another shot at City Hall. Jane Williams pointed out to council members on Tuesday that homeowners have a more permanent solution and they just need the city to sign off on the plans.

"We don't want an expensive Star Wars event," Williams said.

Council members were willing to listen. Residents just hope the postive feedback they got Tuesday will actually mean results soon and no more cars in neighbors' yards.

That plan still needs to go through the city's Public Works Department, but they hope to get it done sooner.

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