Fallen tree knocks out woman's power, phone


The problem started last week when a large tree fell. It took out the power to Emma Ennis' home and she has not been able to get the repairs made -- until today.

The 75-year-old homeowner can barely walk, and now she can barely see inside her home.

Ennis said, "Just carrying on with a little flashlight."

Ennis' power has been off for a week after a neighbor's tree came crashing down on to her electrical lines.

"About 1:30 at night I heard a loud boom," she recalled.

The City of Houston removed the tree but cannot reconnect the power, so Ennis' family called CenterPoint.

Ennis' niece Rose Lockett said, "CenterPoint said it's not our pole. If it is not our pole, we cannot replace it."

Lockett says electricians estimated the needed repairs at more than $2,000, a bill Ennis simply cannot pay.

"She's living in the dark, with no food, no water, no medicine," Lockett said. "We need help, so that's why we called you."

So we called the independent electrical contractors organization and spoke explained the problem to Lynn Lumsden of Prism Electric.

"We definitely wanted to help in this case," Lumsden said.

Prism sent over an electrician, who started repairing the portion of the power line that runs from the home to the power company's pole. It's a section many homeowners do not realize they must fix if it comes down.

Lumsden explained, "Sometimes they do not realize if the pole is on their property it is their responsibility."

The damaged line is no easy fix, but Prism's electrician says the Ennis home should be ready for electricity by the end of the day.

Ennis said, "I think it is a blessing."

CenterPoint says they will make returning the power to Ennis' home a top priority.

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