Wedding venue owner evicted, leaving bride and groom out $9,000

March 6, 2012 4:34:11 PM PST
A couple planning to get married has to make new plans after the wedding venue hall they'd been paying to rent for their big day suddenly closed. They are out $9,000 and can't find the hall's owners.

They've been looking forward to their wedding day in July, but because of the problem with the venue, they're having to postpone it.

The young couple has been, dating for nine years. Now, they're trying to recover their money as they look for another venue. And law enforcement say the company has had trouble in the past managing their finances.

Inside the Tomball Grand Pavilion is where Luis Matamoros and his fiance planned celebrate their new life together.

"I wanted to give her the perfect wedding and she loved this reception hall, so I just went for it, not caring about how much it was, I just wanted to make her happy," Matamoros said.

The 24-year-old reserved the venue for July 7 and started making payments almost a year ago.

"I've made about seven payments of anywhere from a thousand to two thousand each payment, and ya know, I'm out about nine grand," Matamoros said.

When he arrived last Friday to make another payment, the landscape was overgrown with weeds, the parking lot was empty, and inside all the furniture and equipment was gone.

Notices on the front door show the owner Chalico Inc. was evicted in February 6, and there is no one with whom to speak.

"All her lines are disconnected," Matamoros said.

We tried to track down the owners of Chalico Inc. at another listed business address but were told they're no longer the owners.

The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office says they served other notices to Chalico Inc. before and hope victims fight to get their money back.

"I would recommend issuing a demand against the company for their money back. Once they've issued demand, if that's not satisfied, take it to the local justice court and file it accordingly," Precinct 4 Capt. Ryan Gable.

While Matamoros is looking to recoup his several-thousand-dollar loss, he also has to reschedule his wedding.

"She basically ruined our wedding date. We had everything ready, the engraving on the rings -- everything -- and now we have to start all over," he said.

Losing $9,000 has pushed their wedding back another year. They've moved their date to February 2 and think they have found another venue. In the meantime, Matamoros is talking with an attorney and trying to locate other victims.