Montgomery Co. family fighting to keep pet kangaroo

A family in Montgomery County gets to keep their kangaroo

February 29, 2012 5:42:06 AM PST
A Montgomery County family is fighting to keep an exotic animal they say will eventually be used to help disabled adults.

The Dreis family owns a six-month-old red kangaroo named Mike. The Estates of Legends Ranch Homeowners Association ordered the family to get rid of the animal, claiming it violates the subdivision's restrictions.

Mike's owners say they plan to use him at Texas Downs, a facility the family is opening to help intellectually disabled persons.

"He goes out once in while for about 20 minutes to run around the yard. It's completely fenced in and nothing at all is in danger," Jeni Dreis said.

The homeowners association has not returned our calls.

You can read more on this story in the Courier of Montgomery County, our Houston Community Newspaper Partner.