Pot holes popping up around Houston

February 22, 2012 4:15:57 AM PST
Was your drive to work a bit bumpier than usual today? A side effect of Saturday's flooding rains can be seen all around town in gaping pot holes. City crews are out in full force, trying to fill them.

You don't have to drive over or around them to know that pot holes are a ubiquitous part of the Houston landscape.

"I think it's a disaster. It makes our city ill-equipped to handle disasters and infrastructure demands," said resident Wally Attisha.

After a heavy dose of rain, the problem only seems to get worse whether through pot holes, cracked streets, or, in Montrose, a water main repair project that's causing major headaches.

"It's caused a lot of car damage and it's even hard to get the stroller by there," Attisha said.

The city of Houston repairs around 50,000 pot holes a year. But in a community our size there is always one more pot hole to fix

"Six hundred somewhat square miles, there's a lot of work to be done. It's very important people call 311," said Alvin Wright with the City of Houston Public Works Department.

Some council members we talked to say the city's Rebuild Houston projects will help improve streets and drainage across the city in the coming year, so hopefully strollers, cars, and buses will all have an easier path to travel.

"You're always going to have work on the street, and Houston will always have pot holes We have a chance here to improve on a lot of transportation, not just cars," said City Council Member Melissa Ortega.