Potholes a growing problem on Houston roads

February 18, 2012 8:16:39 PM PST
The rain is gone, but it's highlighting what residents say is a growing problem on Houston roads.

They say potholes are popping up all across the city, putting additional stress on commuters.

It's a serious problem that has some drivers swerving around and dipping into dangerous situations.

"They are real bad," driver Renee Johnson said.

Drivers are telling us potholes and craters are becoming so bad on some streets that the roads are becoming too rough.

"Our customers come in here complaining about it, and it's ridiculous," Courtney McAllister said.

McAllister works at a beauty shop near a huge pit on Scott Street.

"I've seen plenty of accidents. I've seen plenty of people trying to veer out of the way, to get into the other lane, to get out of the way and causing accidents," she said.

The hole there is about four inches deep.

Drivers say rain covering the street only makes things worse, and some of them tell us they've even reported the problem to the city of Houston.

"Potholes are an issue citywide," said Alvin Wright, a spokesperson for the city's Public Works Department.

Wright said road crews are limited in what they can do immediately, especially when the ground is moist.

"When we have a lot of inclement weather, wet weather, it's difficult to do a lot of street repair because the ground is not prepared enough to accept the asphalt. The ground has to be dry," Wright explained.

Wright says once a pothole problem is properly reported to the city, a supervisor will check it out and then send a repair crew to address it.

If you would like to report potholes in Houston, call 3-1-1.