Deputies investigate death of local father found shot in his car

February 13, 2012 4:22:34 PM PST
A mysterious shooting took the life of a father of five. He was murdered while driving and investigators don't know why he was killed, or who is responsible.

The family is in complete shock as they try to come to understand what happened. Mehboob Alam, 39, came to the US because he and his wife won a visa lottery in Pakistan. His nephew, who was more like a younger brother, had already moved to the Houston area.

Mohammad Arif, Alam's nephew, said, "He came here with visa lottery and then we was in the same neighborhood."

Late Friday night, as Alam returned from Liberty and his job at Schlumberger, the American dream ended for him and became a nightmare for his family. He was shot and killed in his own car as he drove on FM 1960. Four bullet holes pierced the Toyota Corolla sedan.

The last call he made was to his wife. She answered, but Alam never spoke.

"That's the last call. He didn't say nothing. I think that was the last time for him," Arif said. "He tried to call for help."

Family was said to be everything to Alam. Now his wife is four months pregnant with a sixth child who'll never know his or her father. An apparent random shooting is having ripple effects far beyond the life it claimed.

"Now they don't have father," Arif said. "How they going to survive? A lot of pain for wife, for family, for relatives."

At this point, there are no suspects and no motive in his murder. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.