Teen who allegedly shot at bullies talks about incident at press conference

February 7, 2012 8:27:09 PM PST
For the first time, we're hearing from the North Forest High School student who brought a gun to school and ended up shooting another student.

Warren Lewis on Tuesday night joined community leaders at the Phoenix Youth Outreach Center to call on the community to stop the violence.

"My message to my peers is to stop holding it in, say something. Let's change the cycle. Stop the violence," Warren Lewis said.

Community leaders say they failed both the victim and Lewis, who is now charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon in a school zone. He claims he was acting in self-defense last month when he opened fire on several bullies at North Forest High School. He accidentally shot a 16-year-old student, who was only a bystander, in the leg instead.

"What drove a young man as good as Mr. Warren -- honor roll student, A's in physics, mister everything in school -- what drove a young man like that to do what he did? That's the point today," former Houston City Councilman Jarvis Johnson said.

Lewis' mother says the family is still upset over what happened.

"I'd like to extend my deepest and sincerest apologies to the young man that was injured in the incident. Our prayers are continuing to go up so that he continues to recover and we pray everyday that he is better," said Warren's mother, Yolanda Domino.

Lewis' family moved from their home after the incident after they allegedly became victims of a drive-by shooting.

Lewis is now enrolled at an alternative school.