Employees tackle would-be robber at Fort Bend County CVS drug store

Aaron El-Sharif, 20, is charged with aggravated robbery.

January 31, 2012 3:25:59 AM PST
A man who tried to rob a CVS is in jail, all because of what some employees did. Deputies say on Sunday night, the man walked into the CVS on Crabb River Road near Sansbury in Greatwood, hoping to rob it, but things didn't go as planned.

Most of the CVS employees who were working on Monday night said they didn't know about the robbery until they walked in for their shift. That's when they learned their co-workers just refused to get robbed.

The chime at the Greatwood CVS gets quite a workout, with customers constantly coming and going.

"It's a mad house, it's full. The prescription line is 10 people maybe," customer Ben Morrison said.

But Sunday night, it was surprisingly slow at the pharmacy when a man wearing a hoodie and carrying a note walked up, putting employees on their toes.

"Hats off to them," Morrison said.

Armed with what turned out to be a toy gun, the man handed the pharmacist his demands -- prescription drugs. A little more than a minute later, he's handed a box and turns to leave. But right behind him is a technician and the pharmacist. The would-be robber never gets out of the store.

"They followed him out and then detained him," said Bob Haenel with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

Aaron El-Sharif, 20, is now charged with aggravated robbery. Tamara Gutierrez knows him from high school.

"I was very shocked about it, that it was him," Gutierrez said.

What you don't see in the video is the employees wrestling El-Sharif to the ground. It's not what the sheriff's office advises.

"We were very fortunate in this instance, but we always recommend that you think about life before property," Haenel said.

Morrison has had time to think.

"What would I have done? I would have probably tackled him too," Morrison said.

The sheriff's office says El-Sharif did resist arrested. In fact, it took a deputy threatening to use a stun gun to get him to give up.

A quick background check shows he was convicted last year of breaking into a car.