Deer Park residents on edge as police hunt for culprits behind luxury car theft spree

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Sunday, April 28, 2024
Luxury vehicle theft spree: Authorities searching for culprits who stole 3 high-dollar vehicles on one night in Deer Park
Authorities are searching for who stole three high-end vehicles, including a limited edition Chevrolet Camaro, in Deer Park on Friday night.

DEER PARK, Texas (KTRK) -- A high-dollar vehicle theft spree is baffling police and neighbors in Deer Park.

Early Friday morning, three vehicles were taken from various homes across the city. Police believe the same people are responsible for all three thefts.

James Fuller said the thieves succeeded in taking his customized, limited edition Chevrolet Camaro from his driveway on Eastwind Drive, even though the car was locked and he had the keys.

"It took me a good 10 or 15 minutes to grasp that hey, my car is gone," Fuller said.

Fuller reviewed a neighbor's surveillance footage and saw two people walking over to his car and smashing a window. It's unclear how they were able to start the car.

A woman on East Parktown Drive told Eyewitness News that the thieves took her Chevrolet Silverado High Country that she'd only bought in December.

It was parked on the street, but also locked.

Neighbors on Brookhaven Court said thieves stole a man's locked pickup truck from his driveway while he was in the hospital.

"You will get caught, but hopefully the people that catch you are civil, not like myself, if I catch you doing something like that to me," Fuller said.

Fuller wonders if the thieves used some sort of device to start the car engines without a key. His landscaper found an unidentified device on his lawn which Fuller turned over to police.

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