Female students protest at Memorial High over school's ban of yoga pants

January 27, 2012 10:12:04 AM PST
A controversy is brewing over some pants worn to class by some female students at Memorial High School.

Students and parents claim a handful of female students were disciplined for wearing yoga pants -- the stretchy, fitted pants -- to school.

On Thursday, a number of female Memorial High students wore yoga pants to school in protest of the school's dress code that bans those pants. Even though the protest took place yesterday, it is still something a lot of students are talking about on Friday.

Eyewitness News visited with some of the students this morning. They say the tight jeans they are allowed to wear to school are actually more fitted than yoga pants, so they don't understand why there is this ban.

District officials say they are just trying to enforce a dress code that is already in place.

Students we spoke with say they are hoping they made their point and that they are hoping for a resolution.

"All the girls decided to wear yoga pants because our principal said we weren't allowed to," said Memorial High senior Chandler O'Brien.

"We just did it to cause awareness and bring attention to the matter," said MHS senior Rachel Evans. "Now that we have the attention, we're just kind of settling in."

The students say they are focusing on today's pep rally for the basketball team.

A number of students told us that the student council and the principal are meeting to discuss the matter on Monday.