Homeowner, her boss sitting in taxi in driveway robbed at gunpoint

January 19, 2012 4:28:56 PM PST
A simple cab ride home turned into a terrifying experience for a man and a woman. Little did they know, they would be cornered by criminals and become the victims in a violent driveway robbery.

It happened Wednesday night at a home along Phil and Baldwin in the city of Bellaire.

Police don't believe the victims were necessarily followed home from the restaurant where they were having dinner. One of the victims has quite a story to tell.

Veronica Nasser's night out at a Bellaire restaurant with family, friends and a visiting colleague started out like any other.

"Dinner was delicious; you can usually count on that," said Nasser.

But the evening would soon end in a way she never imagined. Nasser and her boss left in a cab and after a slight detour they headed towards her Bellaire home. As the taxi pulled into the driveway...

"I'm hearing the gunshots and I'm just -- you just don't know what's going on," Nasser said.

It was almost too hard to believe -- their cab driver had just been shot. Nasser, her boss and the wounded driver were then robbed. The two suspects had blocked in the taxi with their car.

The male suspect, who was armed, was standing on the driver's side. The female suspect was on the passenger side. She slid open the cab door and demanded everyone's money.

"There was a lot of yelling, 'I know you have money! Let me have your purse!' There was a lot of screaming and yelling," Nasser recalled.

Nasser's husband, who had left the restaurant early, was already home and heard the commotion.

"So we all come down and by that time, Veronica and Cam and the cab driver, they were helping the cab driver in the house, banging on the door. It had just happened," said Peter Nasser.

The suspects made a quick getaway in a gray Nissan with blacked-out windows. The two suspects are still on the loose.

The bullet that hit the cab driver had actually grazed his leg.

"We were fortunate that nothing worse came out of it, but as Peter said it would be nice for them to be caught and hopefully this won't happen again to other people," Nasser said.

She added that someone used one of her stolen credit cards at a gas station on Richmond less than an hour after her purse was stolen.

The cab driver was treated and released from the hospital.

We worked on this story with help from our friends at Houston Community Newspapers. You can read more in the Bellaire Examiner.