Fort Bend County residents cleaning up tornado damage

January 10, 2012 3:55:17 PM PST
The Bayou City was slammed with severe storms on Monday, and some parts of town are still having to deal with high water and lots of damage.

Those storms actually spawned two tornadoes, one of which touched down near the Mission Bend subdivision in Fort Bend County.

"You can feel the wind inside the house, that was pushing against the house," said resident Umar Sayyed.

On a day when Sayyed is still trying to come to terms with the tornado that hit his house, the street where he lives is full of activity; insurance claim adjusters, Red Cross workers, contractors are all invited.

"The front door was locked," said Sayyed. "It was shut and it flew open."

"I got a couple of calls from customers and I made it out here and I saw what condition it's in," said Juan Villalovo with Mr. Goodpainter.

There is plenty of work to be done there, after the EF-1 tornado tore through the neighborhood Monday morning.

Sayyed pushed his mother and sister into a tiny closet to get away from the twister.

"I didn't have no time to think," he told us. "I just did whatever I could, grabbed my mom and my sister. That's all I worried about."

Afterward, the damage was -- to him -- unbelievable. Much of the roof was gone. The ceiling was gone. And the insulation was on the floor.

"I've been looking at it all day," said Sayyed. "Now I'm starting to believe it."

But his little sister's breakfast is still sitting on the table. And a china cabinet, curiously enough, survived, along with all the delicate glass and knickknacks still intact.

The family is staying with friends for now, knowing it's going to be a long time before they can come home. But they're grateful nonetheless.

"I'm just happy I made it," said Sayyed.

If your home is damaged, you should always check with your insurance company first. That hasn't stopped contractors from trying to drum up some business, even leafleting our live truck just in case we had any fences that needed to be fixed.