Man who tried to poison dogs fails to appear in court


Charlotte Liberda has been waiting one year for action against the man who admits to trying to poison her dogs Austin and Maddie. But she got a devastating blow when her former neighbor, Qian Feng, failed to appear in court for his sentencing.

"Obviously, we were very disappointed today that he did not show," she said.

Feng plead guilty to felony animal cruelty charges last month. Investigators say he tried poisoning several neighborhood dogs with cheese balls laced with the highly toxic chemical strychnine. Austin and Maddie ate one of those cheese balls and immediately got sick, suffering seizures.

"We wanted to see a final chapter to this case, so now justice will have to wait to be served," Liberda said. "But we're hopeful that he will be brought in soon."

Now with Feng a 'no-show' in court, the judge has revoked his bond and issued an arrest warrant. He's originally from China. But prosecutors say they don't believe he'll get too far.

"Fortunately, the state of Texas did ask the judge to surrender his passport back in June of 2011," explained Assistant District Attorney Jessica Milligan. "So we know he doesn't have a passport at this point."

Until Feng is found, Liberda says she'll continue keeping a close eye on Austin and Maddie. And she says she just has one lingering question for the neighbor who nearly killed innocent pets.

"Why? I guess the question we'll always wonder and never have the answer to," Liberda said.

Feng was facing anywhere from six months to two years in prison for animal cruelty. That could all change now. Prosecutors say an active search is on for the man.

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