Neighborhood Christmas tree stolen in Montrose


The neighbors in Montrose's Hyde Park say Christmas will go on without the tree that was stolen, but they are upset and mystified as to who would have stolen a Christmas tree.

The corner of Waugh and Hyde Park isn't supposed to be bare right now.

"It arrived Saturday and the guys are ready to decorate it on Sunday and the Grinch got it," said neighbor Trevor Eade.

Instead, the neighborhood's 10-foot Christmas tree is supposed to be up and decorated for the season in Lamar Park.

"People love it. They get involved. They decorate it. You'll see people driving by, they slow down to look at it," Eade said.

But some time in the middle of the night on Saturday, that ten foot tree, donated by Niko Niko's Greek restaurant right around the block, disappeared.

"I don't know what happened," said neighbor Martha Murphy.

The neighbors are now expressing their anger on social media and in person.

"I think the people may have been the Grinch. That's possible," Murphy said.

The tree would likely retail for about $150. The former president of the neighborhood civic association says they have not yet filed a police report. But Eade says, even if someone didn't have the money, they didn't have to steal the tree.

"If that person was having difficulty in getting a tree, all they would have had to do it call us and we would have helped them get one," he said.

We're told Niko Niko's donated another tree to the neighborhood and that should be delivered in the next day or so. But the former neighborhood association president says they would still like their old tree back.

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