New video of Tranquility Park shooting


The video hadn't been shown to the public until now. Eyewitnesses started shooting video of it all when they first saw the man walking around, firing the gun at the downtown Houston park last week.

One eyewitness was able to capture the event on camera until the very end, when police took the gunman down with several shots before any innocent bystanders were hit.

Dressed in a black suit and smoking a cigarette, a 21-year-old begins firing an assault weapon in a downtown park. As several eyewitness try to warn others, David Loeser reaches for his camera. Loeser, interested in the nearby Occupy movement, was talking with friends when Joshua Anthony Twohig began firing a .40-caliber-assault-rifle in Tranquility Park.

"When he walked onto the bridge and shot the first shots in the water, I was just in minor shock and was like, 'Oh I got my camera!'" Loeser.

Twohig paces back and forth on a pedestrian bridge; at times, he even put the rifle to his head. As police arrive on scene however, Twohig refuses to drop the rifle and he's taken down by several shots.

Twohig was rushed to a hospital for several gun shot wounds. Eyewitness News has since learned Twohig is married with a one-year-old child.

Neighbors say he recently lost his job and his wife underwent major surgery.

However, Loeser says it's was a miracle that between Twohig and police firing several rounds, no innocent bystanders were injured.

"It's just totally just incredible that the only person that got injured was himself," Loeser said.

Twohig is still hospitalized in fair condition.

In the meantime, police have not given a motive for the shooting, as it remains under investigation.

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